by kana_nakanishi posted 2011/02/23 category Furniture





The word Kokea means ‘experience’ in Finnish and koke means ‘moss’ in Japanese.

Koke•a, is a piece of furniture that is designed to induce people’s haptic sense. The title has a double meaning.

Through our haptic sense, we feel the surrounding environment. It is not about touching by hand, but what we feel with our whole body. Today, it seems that people are not using their haptic sense as much as before.
This work is made of a textured surface which users can sit and lie down on. The purpose of this work is to provide an experience for the user. I hope this work will act as a trigger for people to become conscious about their haptic sense and to appreciate nature around them.

(Photos by Alisa Javits, Heta Saukkonen, Kira Leskinen)