ABC – Atelier Book Chair –

by kana_nakanishi posted 2011/02/23 category Product

Atelier Book Chair001


Atelier Book Chair


ABC(Atelier Book Chair / アトリエブックチェア)は、持ち運びができる写生用お絵描きセットです。西粟倉の間伐材、ヒノキのカバンの中には、座面が収納されており、カバン本体にセットすることで椅子になります。そして中に収納されている画材をつかって、ABCに腰掛けながら室内・室外どこでも、お絵描きが出来ます。




The product is called “ABC” standing for Atelier Book Chair. It is a portable “drawing set” that can carry drawing tools and becomes a stool. The user can take ABC anywhere they like and the place will instantly turn into one’s own atelier.

ABC is made of hinoki (Japanese cypress) from Nishiawakura village Okayama prefecture. It started as a project to utilize thinned wood from forests which is a big issue in the Japanese forest industry. The production is done by Masakyuki Oshima, a skilled craftsman residing in Nishiawakura.

(Photos by Asaco Suzuki / Art Direction by Chikako Oguma)